What is Rescue Wars Online?

Rescue Wars Online – an endless runner, multiplayer, battle game app that helps charity projects by theming the game world after each charity the game helps.

Participate in goodwill gaming, by helping a charity as you have fun competing against friends and progressing through new exciting features in the game.

Rescue Wars Online started as a personal project to help the rescue zoo that I grew up in, but quickly grew into the international rescue project that is Rescue Wars Online today. You can follow my life in the zoo and the development of Rescue Wars Online on my Youtube channel and on Instagram at my username NikoAnker

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The Reasons You’ll Love It

Help a charity!

Odsherred Zoo Rescue The first zoo and rescue center for exotic animals in Denmark, will be the first charity that Rescue Wars helps.

Rescue Wars Online - Will help rescue projects by sharing revenue,

The charity also affects the skins and environment. For instance, the game will open with an environment resembling the inside of the Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Beat your friends!

The objective is to beat another player

The multiplayer option will deliver a high fun factor, enabling players to beat friends in real time, not just through a highest score

by running through an endless game world. As you run, collect weapons to use against other players. Some weapons may take a life from a competitor. Others will disrupt player controls for a competitor, forcing them to reverse for 3 seconds, switching their ‘up’ to ‘down,’ or slowing their speed.

Buy new gear!

Enhance your weapon

As you progress in the game, you will be able to buy new gear in the shop

To enhance the weapon experience, you will collect currency. You may spend it quickly on available weapons, or horde it to purchase better weapons.

You can help us out

Help Rescue Wars Online

We need your help to reach our goal, to bring you an awesome game. This will lead to helping other charities reach the same goal!

Share the project on social media and help us bring Rescue Wars Online to the world!

Game Modes

In the Normal-Game mode, players compete with a friend or random player to earn a currency “ticket parts,” which they may use to build tickets to enter the Arena and win new gear.

Arena Game Mode

Only in the Arena can players unlock new weapons! So after earning tickets to the Arena-Mode, the players have a chance to win chests with new items!

Its personal!

You can follow my work hands on, because I actually live in the zoo and rescue centre that the game will help.

Follow me!

Follow my charity work on Instagram

70 000 are already following my life in the zoo on Instagram – Nikoanker

Battle against Your Friends!

Teddys break!

As a teddy experiences damage, he develops wounds gradually over time. However, since the character is a teddy bear, cotton (not blood) will come out of the bear.

The Teddy’s will rip and the players will need to collect Cotton to repair the  Teddy’s “Characters” to be able to play with them again.

Alpha Screenshots from Rescue Wars Online

Story Behind Rescue Wars Online

The Story

Twenty years ago, my parents opened Odsherred Zoo Rescue in Asnaes, Denmark. We are the first Zoo and Rescue centre for exotic animals in Denmark, meaning that there is plenty of work for us to do as far as expanding our image and getting people used to the concept of what we do. As a game developer, I want to use my skills to raise money to this end.

About a year and a half ago, my father passed away after a fight with cancer. This was extremely rough on me at first, as I had always looked up to my father as a role model. While I have established myself as a game developer, the rescue zoo has remained the main priority in my life. Now, I want to take a big step forward honouring my father, creating my video games, and helping to get the rescue zoo on financially steady ground.

Rescue Wars Online, an endless runner, multiplayer, battle game app will help in both areas, contributing to charity projects “like the zoo” by theming the game world after every charity that the game helps.

If you wanna support Rescue Wars Online, we have a Gofundme page now live!


Team and powered by software

Founder: Nikolai Ankergren

I have been a programmer and PC/Mac user for over 13 years, all self taught.  I am a part of Odsherred Zoo Rescue administration (42 employees), including daily management, photo’s, video’s and marketing work. I learnt the gaming industry working for a Danish gaming company. I launched 3 large projects that disappointingly failed due to financial factors. I have launched the Rescue Wars Online project with a freelance team. By self-funding the project, I bypassed the need for venture capital. Now that the project is almost ready to release, I need some outside investment to complete the launch.


We are currently working with 8 different freelancers from around the world, who are doing an amazing job.

All from art, programming, sound, and the graphical user Interface. We could not wish for a better team to help out with the Rescue Wars Online Project.


We use Gamesparks for our server and backend

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